Our History

Our History

(as told by Ms. Kathy Dornbush- employed at the practice since 1962)

Our practice was established in 1946 by Dr. Leon DeVel and was located in the original Blodgett Medical Building in East Grand Rapids. Dr. Alan Siegel joined the practice in 1967. Dr. John Montgomery, Dr. Craig Booher, Dr. Rodger Zwemer and Dr. Ihl Kim were among the physicians who practiced with Dr. DeVel.

The practice then moved to Ramona Medical Center in East Grand Rapids. Dr. Meiers joined in 1986. The practice relocated to 4251 Cascade Road SE in 1996 and officially changed its name to Cascade Pediatrics, LLP. Dr. Brown joined the practice that same year.  Dr. Barron joined in 2000 and Dr. VanZee came on board a year later when Dr. Kim retired.  Dr. Mark Weirich and Dr. Sarah Elmouchi joined in 2003 and 2007, respectively.

We moved to our present location – 5150 Cascade Road SE in January 2009. Dr. Crane joined the practice in 2010. Dr. Gunderson joined the practice in 2013 and Dr. Jereb joined in 2014.

As far as we know, we are the oldest continually active pediatric practice in the Grand Rapids area.